Priorities and Panic Stations

I’m at that point in holiday preparedness where I feel completely and utterly disorganised, and hopelessly in over my head. Logically, I know everything is going to be fine: as long as I have money and my passport, I’ll be fine, even if I forget everything else. Unfortunately, sometimes I’m not quite that good at being logical, and then I start to panic. Panic, for the record, does no one any good, whatsoever.

I’ve just now gone through and printed off all the confirmation emails from various accommodation and transit bookings. I checked us in for the flight tomorrow, too, and discovered that somehow we’d been allocated seats in completely different rows – and that enough people have been allocated seats now that the only way I could get us sitting next to each other was to put us in the middle. It’s a two-three-two seat configuration, and getting one of the twos would have been ideal, but no. If we’re really lucky, it won’t be a full flight, but I’m not going to hold my breath on that.

I hate sitting in the middle of the plane.

On the plus side, at least I’ve started some packing now. As soon as the dryer finishes I have another load to do, and then tomorrow I’ll do sheets and towels. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing in the second load that actually needs to be packed, so hopefully I can finish up with clothes before bed tonight, and simply put everything else away before we leave tomorrow. Luckily, we have an evening flight, so I do have time to get things finished during the day.

I also need to go to the supermarket: visiting friends in the US requires purchasing of Tim Tams and other Australian goodies.

Things I have managed to do: load Kindle up with dozens (well, ok, more like a single dozen) of books, paint fingernails and toenails, print of reams of confirmations, find US sim card, pick which nail polish colours to take with me.

Priorities, man.

I also had a several hour long lunch with my mother today – something we don’t often get to do! I’m really, really glad I took the whole of this week off, and not just from Wednesday on. If I hadn’t had some time to decompress from work and try and get my head into the right space, I’d be completely lost at this point.

Or maybe I’d be running on adrenaline and actually doing better. Who can say?

(PS: I have also totally remembered to pack the cable for my camera for the first time ever. I may actually be able to post photos while I’m away! Gasp!)

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