And we’re off

I am vastly amused: I am stealing wireless from the Qantas lounge, while at the airport, and they won’t let me sync with my blog. I’m pretty sure that means they’ve blocked anything to do with ‘hookers’, and I suppose that is, in the end, fair enough. Nonetheless? It makes me laugh. Poor unloved blog.

In other news we are, of course, now at the airport and not so very far off boarding our flight to Honolulu. I’m FINALLY making use of the iPad I inherited from Rohan… the one that has been sitting unused and unloved on my desk for the past few months. I am currently playing the ultimate tech lover: I have, in my carry on luggage, an iPad, iPhone, MacBook Air, and a kindle. And that, aside from the usual money and passport type paraphernalia, is it. What more could I possibly need?

From the looks of it, we’re more or less intending to drink our way to sleep on this flight. We needed to escape our upstairs neighbors’ renovations earlier this afternoon, so we went to the pub (I would post the photo of the drink I had if only I had it on me – it was pretty epic). Then we both had a drink with our dinners (I had no idea there was a Crust Pizza at the airport, but I approve wholeheartedly; it was a vast improvement over what I’d anticipated we’d be eating), and now we’re having another while we wait. No doubt there’ll be another with whatever slop they offer us for ‘dinner’ after we board, too. That’s when I intend to take half a sleeping pill and hopefully sleep most of the way to Honolulu.

Ten hours from now, we’ll be very nearly in the USA. That’s pretty awesome.

In the meantime, I suppose I should tether my phone or something so I can actually post this.

See you in in Hawaii!

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