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It’s been a long couple of months. A long two years, really: two years since Rohan started working on Towncraft, his iPad game. It’s been out for about a month, now, and is doing really well… but there’s still an awful lot that needs to be done; a busy few months to come. Months ago, we agreed that we’d go on holidays after the game came out. We’d hoped, at one point, that we’d be able to go back to Seattle (so that Rohan could go back to PAX Dev), but for a lot of reasons, that wasn’t possible. Instead…

Well, we settled on far north Queensland. Relaxing, not too far away, with interesting things to see and do. Perfect.

And here we are. It’s just a short trip – Tuesday to Sunday – but I’m already feeling more relaxed. The hotel wireless won’t connect from my computer (and anyway, it’s super expensive), so that’s even more reason to largely disconnect. I’ll tether via my phone on and off, but there’s no compulsion to just sit at the computer, and I kind of like that.

Palm Cove at Dusk

Palm Cove at Dusk

We’re staying in Palm Cove, which is roughly halfway between Cairns and Port Douglas. It’s the most relaxed of the three– I’m pretty sure it exists pretty much only as a tourist destination, but it’s small, and delightfully peaceful as a result. We’ve got a one bedroom apartment with full kitchen in one of the resorts, with views out over the glorious swimming pool; the beach is just around the corner, just barely visible between the other buildings. It’s idyllic.

We arrived in the early evening, yesterday, so today is our first real day. Dinner last night was at a local pizza restaurant (delicious); after that, we hunted down the local ‘supermarket’ (it’s basically just a corner shop) and bought necessities: bread, eggs, avocado, tomato, and so on. And then wine and beer at the bottle shop. We’ll probably venture further afield today, to a bigger supermarket, but really, it scarcely matters.

Rohan’s making breakfast at the moment, and after that, we’ll probably go for a swim. It’s winter here, and that means it’s a balmy 22 degrees at 9am, with a high of 29 later in the day. Which is… awful, I know. Just awful. My life is so difficult.

Today’s our ‘let’s just relax’ day; I’m booking some things for later in the week, but for today, we’re just going to take things as they come. I pulled a muscle in my neck last night, so I’m hoping taking it easy will help ease that (and in the meantime: ice and ibuprofen, oh yes).

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