Attempt at a blog, #2838923812.5

I am not good at blogging.

Every few years, on average, I create a new blog. For a while, I post regularly, regaling my (non-existent) readership with (supposedly) funny and interesting stories about my life. I plan out new entries in my head, and get excited about the words I’m going to use, the phrasing.

And then I start getting bad at actually writing down the head-planned entries.

And then I stop even thinking about it.

Before you know it, the blog is dead, dead, dead, and I’ve gotten embarrassed, shut up shop, and gone away.

I really did used to be better about it. I wrote an online journal for many years; I even met my boyfriend through writing it. Later, I started using livejournal more often, relieved at the ability to show posts to only certain people. As time went on, though, I posted to it less and less.

And anyway, there’s something more satisfying about having a blog that you have complete control over. I love wordpress. I can’t begin to count the amount of installations I’ve set up over the years. Before that, there was MovableType, and Greymatter, and…

I have a blog problem.

And here I am, once more, writing a first post and feeling hopeful.

Yeah. Right.

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